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Hario Acrylic Drip Station

Drip stand only. See the rest of the Hario collection in our store.

Pretty meets practical with Hario's tidy drip station. Great on its own or with a V60 digital scale, this pourover stand is super light and quite solid. It can fit in the smallest of kitchen coves and help keep your coffee gear organized.

While you can obviously do pourover brewing without a stand, the VSS-1T adds stability to your setup and provides a standard brewing atmosphere - a must have for producing a consistent coffee. So why not add some style and functionality to your brew bar?

The stand is made of clear acrylic resin (that's some sturdy plastic, y'all) and the metal plate is stainless steel so it's easy to keep clean.

  • It fits any Hario V60 dripper (and other drippers like Kalita, or even an Aeropress)
  • It works with Hario's 360, 600, and 800 ML servers