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Mexico Chiapas

 In 1999, a group of farmers in the municipality of Motozintla de Mendoza, in Chiapas, Mexico, began working together, and in 2000 they officially formed the Movimiento Campesiono de Delisario SPR de R.L. cooperative — or more simply, MOCABE.

They founded MOCABE as a Social Solidarity Society (SSS), a legal distinction, making clear that the intention of the group is to be a source of social and environmental improvement. Founding tenets for MOCABE were to provide:

access to credit loans for producers; better coffee prices; new opportunities for particularly smallholder producers; and to reduce pollution levels and so improve the health of coffee farmers and their families.

This 2018 MOCABE SHG EP Organic (strictly high grown, European preparation) was harvested between December 2017 and March 2018. Each producer washed his or her own coffee, dried it in the sun on patios.


Tasting Notes: Earthy aroma with sweet, mild acidity and robust body.  Tropical nuts, nougat, dried stone-fruits and chocolate all play a role in this cup’s complex and interesting flavor.